Our story

From all of us to all of you.

HAU do you do!

Prima Pet Premium Oy is a manufacturer, importer and wholesaler of pet food and pet products. The company started operations in 1999 in Tampere and is now located in Pirkkala, Finland.

The beginning of our story goes back to the year 1955, when Saarioinen Oy established our main product brand Hau-Hau Champion.

The founder and owner of our company, Petri Tiitola, started this business a few decades ago, driving around Finland in an old van, armed with a mobile phone the size of a shoe, and a load of dog food.

Times have changed, and the business has evolved into developing its own brands and distributing the products through a wide range of grocery and specialty stores. In 2017 our turnover was over 30 million euros.

There are about fifty of us at Prima Pet. The crew also includes at least the same amount of pets. We offer the best: for dogs, cats and little pets, from us to you.

Hau-Hau Champion is a Finnish brand established in 1955.